Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An update on the situation at Tom Perriello's brother's home . . .

NOTE FROM MARTHA: This morning, I wrote on  his blog about the posting of Tom Perriello's brother's home address on the Lynchburg Tea Party's blog. My morning post is below.

Congressman Perriello’s office confirmed today that a line to a propane tank on a gas grill was cut at Bo Perriello’s Charlottesville home on Tuesday.

Tom Graham, WMRA's plugged-in political guy, sent me this just-released press release from Representative Perriello about the situation at his brother's house, so that  I could pass it along to you.

Statement of Rep. Tom Perriello on Incident at Brother’s Home

Washington, DC—Today, Rep. Tom Perriello released the following statement in response to an ongoing FBI investigation into a severed gas line at the home of the congressman’s brother.

“My number one priority right now is ensuring the safety of my brother’s family, and I am grateful to law enforcement for their excellent work. While it is too early to say anything definitive regarding political motivations behind this act, it’s never too early for political leaders to condemn threats of violence, particularly as threats to other Members of Congress and their children escalate. And so I ask every member of House and Senate leadership to state unequivocally tonight that it is never OK to harm or threaten elected officials and their families with anything more than political retribution. Here in America, we settle our political differences at the ballot box.”

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  1. Very depressing. And somehow, the act seems to capture the spirit in which politics are too often practiced these days -- like war or terrorism, rather than a civil discourse.