Tuesday, March 9, 2010


In this, the Age of American Childhood Obesity, I'm relieved to say I was not a fat child, because that adds an unneeded complication to growing up. One reason I wasn't fat is that I was simply too active. And I wish to thank the old-style Girl Scouts for helping to create in me an enduring belief that I move, therefore I am.

Why am I thanking the Girl Scouts? Because Girl Scouts sell cookies, that's why!

Every year I was a GS, I had to stomp miles, carrying boxes and boxes of cookies, knocking on door after door after door; keeping at it until every one of those boxes had been sold. Through rain, snow, heat, whatever -- I walked. And walked. And walked.

Of course, I ate Girl Scout cookies as well. But then, as active as I had to be selling them there was no way I could eat my way into obesity. I ate because I was really, really hungry. And when one is really, really hungry, Girl Scout cookies are the Bomb!

So, it was with a real sense of what? Concern? Amusement? That yet another paradigm has shifted? That I heard recently that Girl Scout cookies are now available online! This can't be so, I thought, while Googling away. You can't sell Girl Scout cookies without Girl Scouts getting out there and hustling the neighborhood!

Oh but you can. At  http://www.girlscoutcookies.org, where you learn that: "Every cookie has a mission; to help girls do great things."

What great things, I ask? Spend more time in front of a computer?

Poor, poor doomed American children. So much food, so few expectations of movement. After the Girl Scouts, who'll be next to tell you to sit down and keep eating?

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  1. When I was a child we used to roam far and wide on Halloween knocking on doors and saying trick or treat. Today parents usually go along with their kids. The sad fact is that today it is dangerous for children, especially young girls,to be in strange neighborhoods.There are parents who won't let their kids play alone in the front yard; afraid they may be kidnapped. There are other ways to get children moving: increase PE in the schools,encourage an interest in sports or just spend some time taking a walk with your children. Parents can also set rules limiting TV watching and playing video games. Parents reluctance to do that is another discussion entirely.