Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tom Graham update to today's blog post

NOTE: Just got this e-mail from WMRA's Tom Graham who keeps up with Virginia politics and news for all the rest of us. . . 

Hey Partner –

Nice work on the offshore drilling blog.

I really liked the map, too !

I imagine you are already following the continuing developments. The Times-Dispatch has already done some updates.

This is a big deal for Governor McDonnell. He succeeded in getting legislation approved by the General Assembly last month that would dedicate monies from offshore drilling to Virginia transportation improvements

The two main bills on this were

HB787: Supports oil and gas exploration and drilling 50 miles off the coast of Virginia. [Senate Companion SB394.]

HB756: Directs 70 percent of any drilling royalties to state road improvements.

In pushing for the above legislation, McDonnell and General Assembly Republicans had received much criticism from those who said it was silly to be passing bills about offshore drilling revenues when such drilling was – at the time the legislation was approved – prohibited by federal statute.

So the governor and the Virginia GOP are likely feeling pretty good about today’s developments.



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