Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ding! Final Pet Pledge Day Data Update!


WMRA's Pet Pledge Day was yesterday and, as always, serious lunacy prevailed. (Be sure to check out pet photos in "Fan Photos" on WMRA's Facebook page.) I was on the air during All Things Considered with cat lover, Terry Ward, and I promised that this morning's blog would be devoted to The Final Tally of All Pets Pledged in Honor Of.

So here goes. . .
4 donkeys
1 rooster
2 ducks
39 horses
25 deer
46 chickens
1 snake
47 fish
7 birds
2 llamas
1 mouse*
4 rabbits
4 skunks
300,000 bees
1 cockatiel**
2 squirrels
4** bluebirds
3 ferrets
2 goats
1 cow
201*** dogs
219 cats.
* a church mouse, I believe. . .
** not sure why the cockatiel and bluebirds weren't counted as birds, but it's not up to me to question the judges
 *** there was one wished-for dog which the judges ruled could only be used to break a tie.
NOTE: Missing this year were gerbils, hamsters, geckos, iguanas, turtles, pet rocks and stuffed animals.

ANOTHER NOTE: Cats were declared the winners of Pet Pledge Day. I, personally, thought bees should have won, but nobody took my arguments seriously because the bees didn't have names. I did a "shout out" to the bee owners to call in their names, but got no response. Sorry bees, I did what I could.

NOTE #3: Less than $90,000 to go to reach our final goal of at least $135,000. The number to call is 1-800-677-9672 or you can give on-line.

Happy weekend, everybody!

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