Saturday, April 24, 2010

Notice of such importance I came in from the garden. . .

MW note: Got this e-mail that I just had to pass along, vacation or no vacation . . .

Dear Peace Loving Friends,
From the producers of The Inconvenient Truth, as well as Inglorious Basterds and Good Will Hunting, comes Countdown to Zero, a documentary account of the urgent movement to rid the world of nuclear weapons.Featuring the likes of Mikhail Gorbachev, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blairand Jimmy Carter, the film debuted to critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival and is set for widespread theatrical release in July.
JMU has been selected for a special screening, at which Global Zero (the NGO behind the documentary) representatives will be on hand toanswer questions and discuss the their efforts, as well as the recent events such as the treaty between the US and Russia and the global anti-proliferation summit.
This is a last minute opportunity.  I need your help to publicize it in your communities.  Please forward this email far and wide, post notices in your department, announce it at church, do whatever you can.  The showing will be at JMU, in the Health and Human Services Building, room 1301, on Tuesday, April 27th at 5:00pm. Please check out for more information.
Thank you.
Jack Marmorstein

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