Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Harsh vote followed by harsh words for public broadcasting . . .

Cosgrove quips hit puppets

Chesapeake Republican Del. John Cosgrove uttered the line of day (so far) during a debate on the House of Delegates floor over proposed state funding cuts for public broadcasting.
Among Gov. Bob McDonnell's amendments to Virginia's two-year spending plan is a recommendation that more than $2 million in state dollars for public television and radio be phased out over the next four years.
Public broadcasting officials like WHRO president Bert Schmidt contend that the proposed funding reductions would not only limit station operations, but also their ability to offer educational services provided to schools through a contract with the state.
Amid the back-and-forth on the topic, Cosgrove offered these comments: "What's more important? Is it cops on the street or Knit and Crochet today?"
"Personally, I'm going to support policemen and teachers before I support Bert and Ernie," he added.
The House approved McDonnell's public broadcasting funding cuts, but rejected his amendment to reduce funding for the educational services program. The Senate will consider the public broadcasting funding issue later today.
-- Julian Walker

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