Saturday, December 5, 2009

Does anyone seriously--SERIOUSLY--think we all can't have fun during WMRA fundraisers???

Well, if so, I'm here to flatly disagree. Yes, we can! says I. 

And that is not just me talking, it's everyone you will hear fundraising on WMRA today; from Terry Ward this early morning right through The Professah and gang late tonight.

Yes, WMRA is faced with $43,000 in funding cuts from state and national grants. And so today, on-air, we're having a one-day fundraiser to raise as much of that as possible. And I'm here to promise that we--and that "we" means all of us in WMRA Land--are going to enjoy ourselves in the process.

As a small part of this fun. . .

I'm sure most of you are familiar with, or have at least heard about, the Four Bitchin' Babes  that gloriously inspired and irreverent quartet of women singer-songwriters, the 1997 iteration of which is pictured below..

Well from noon to 2 today, as part of a day-long's worth of on-air, good humored bonhomie and requests to call 1-800-677-9672-- the Four Bitchin' Babes, will shed two members and, in the spirit of keeping the fun in fundraising, change their name to become Acoustic Café's . . .

Two Pitchin' Babes!

Tina Owens and I will ask for your support while playing the results of our listener poll of favorite Acoustic Café songs. At two, I'll gracefully pass the microphone to Bob Leweke, who will be wearing a blond wig as an honorary male member of the Pitchin' Babes . . .

On a much more serious side, as we thought you might want to know where $43,000 in funding cuts came from, so Tom DuVal supplied these figures:  
State Community Service Grant = $22,000;  
State Radio Reading Service Grant = $3,400; 
Corporation for Public Broadcasting Community Service Grant (federal $)= $10,000+;
JMU = $7,700+
So, I'll end with a plea to join in WMRA's One Day Fun Fundraiser. Give what you can. If you've been listening for a while without supporting, pick up that phone! Call 800-677-9672!

The WMRA Community only exists if we all do just that.

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