Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bill Fawcett at work

Bill Fawcett is the WMRA engineer. Without him, none of us would have this station to listen to.

Bill's life is bit like that of a doctor on call, 24/7/365. If something happens to any of the equipment, including our far-flung transmitters and translators, Bill gets beeped automatically. Then, off he goes in his big, heavy-duty, trail-climbing truck.

Not alone, however. One of his beloved spaniels usually rides shotgun. That's Drake in the picture above. Born and raised in Fawcett-ville.

Bill is also a photographer. When he sent me a couple of photos taken on his latest transmitter runs, I thought you would like to see them as well. To better set the scene, I asked him to write a paragraph or two about them for this blog, and this is what he sent me:
As a child, some of my fondest memories were the 2 or 3 times-a-year visits to the Skyline Drive. Working here in the Shenandoah Valley is so wonderful; I could never consider returning to Northern Virginia.
WMRA has several transmitter sites back in the mountains. Being paid to work at these sites is the icing on the cake. I especially like the winter when the lower angles of the sun and the contrasts of ice and snow make what many consider the bleakest time of the year my most favorite time of the year. There is almost always a camera in the truck. These are a few photos from my journeys this month.


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