Friday, October 2, 2009

We really do get by with a little help from our friends. . . .

It is our theory here at WMRA that, among our community of listeners, everything is known. So, wise ones, here's what we need to know:
What great changes have occurred in three days--in history, in your own life, in the laboratory, in legends; in fact, in anything?

The WMRA staff of Giant Brains has come up with five, one of them pictured above. So obviously we need more. Please.

As to why we're doing this--we're looking for ways to have fun talking about our Fall Fundraiser (please note that all WMRA Fundraisers will warrant capital letters in this blog). The F.F. begins Tuesday, October 20th during Morning Edition and will end, Friday, October 23th, after Morning Edition, lasting 3 days and 3 hours; hence, it's name, "The 3 & 3 Fall Fundraiser!" And we figure that the more different and varied ways we have to point out that really, really great things can be accomplished in only 3 days, the more entertaining and successful our joint 3-day fund-raising effort will be.

Okay, WMRA Fundraisers are something we go through together so as to keep public radio a part of our community conversation (gee, haven't I said that at least 823 times on the air during Fundraisers? But, you know, saying something over and over and over makes it no less true--we are in this public radio bid'ness together.) Still, there's no law that says the experience has to be dreary or boring. I, for one, view Fundraisers as a kind of community barn-raising-ish event, where we all get together to a) accomplish something and b) enjoy ourselves doing it.

So, please help! Support WMRA with your knowledge of 3 days that made a difference! You can either post your ideas or e-mail them to me directly.

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