Monday, September 7, 2009

Terry's Back!

Sadly, things were significantly less quirky around the WMRA studios for  three months, whileTerry Ward' was on family/medical leave. Yes, as a colleague, he's just as he is on the air: very funny in an endearingly odd sort of way.

For example: My office is known for its clutter and collection of Diet Cheerwine cans. Growing up in a punitively neat house, I just seem to function better as an adult in a rat's nest of paper, files, books, faxes, African violets, family photos, and old press credentials. Way back, when we were still in the old building and Martha Stewart was poised to go to jail, I came into work one morning to find the banner from a Newsweek cover taped over my door. "Martha's Mess" it said. Terry's work. I laminated it and it still sits on my desk as my nameplate.

Terry also stuck a sticker that says "wild" on my hall nameplate. As a woman of a certain age, I found that endearing and have yet to take it down. I say, if you can't have a few office hi-jinks, why go to work?

Terry, I'm do happy to report, is now back at work, changed, as you've probably noticed, from hosting "Morning Edition" to hosting "All Things Considered." He and the wonderful artist, Mia LaBerge, also serve as WMRA art exhibit curators/hangers. They'll be hosting an opening this Friday at the WMRA studios for artist Artist Jauan Brooks. Do hope you'll stop by.

And do hope you'll check out my hall nameplate while you're here. My office door will be closed. Don't want Martha's Mess to overpower the art . . .

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  1. I have already been rejoicing in the Terry return. He often helped me get ready for another day at school with his comments and thoughts. Now he helps me get a handle on the end of another school day and just brightens my mood.

    I called the station to say how pleased I am that Terry is back with us. Sort of like Terry-therapy.

    I am grateful.