Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unabashed Enthusiasm about Us

I would posit that WMRA and The Little Engine That Could are cosmic first cousins. Both run on hard work, great effort, and dedication; both remain optimistic and cheerful  in the face of daunting challenges.

That hill!

Those ever-decreasing state and federal funds.

I am, of course, anthropomorphizing both a train and a public radio station, but so what? We're all friends here, aren't we? As well as fans of both that bumptious train and that bumptious WMRA?

Tracey Brown (Mrs. Bob), Carl Kassel,
and WMRA's Mr. Morning Edition, Bob Leweke
I can't write anything reasoned, complex, or lengthy this morning, because I'm scheduled to be Bob Leweke's Morning Edition pitching partner today at 7 a.m. So, I've decided to just slap down a sappy little blog-ette about this screwily short fundraiser we're about to take part in again. And by we, my friends, I do mean all of us, everyone in the WMRA Community of Listeners and Workers; all of us who consider public radio an absolutely essential part of our national conversation.

So here's the deal -- at least, according to Martha . . .

Yes, WMRA, is already down $40,000 in state cuts. Yes, we're looking at quite possibly losing all state funding - half this July and the rest in a year. And yes, federal funding for public broadcasting has been completely zeroed out in the just-passed House budget bill, and faces the Senate funding guillotine next week.

What all this means is that our dearly beloved and deeply depended-upon public WMRA is possibly facing a 25% dip in revenue. Is this the time, you may well ask, to have  a short fundraiser?

Yes! I say. Yes! Loudly and enthusiastically.

It seems to me perfectly clear that there is too much going on around the world this week for us to take tons of time out of your news-listening day, for 10 days or so, to ask you to call and support the station.

I also believe that, as we are not a community of dummies, we'll quickly recognize that the station still needs supporting -- now more than ever!

I believe this short fundraiser is a great, WMRA Community-friendly idea. And I also believe that together we will raise the $125,000 needed to keep our little public radio station chugging along.

I know we can; I know we can; I know we can . . .

 I do love public radio in general, and WMRA in particular. How about you?

Are you willing to pick up the phone now, before this short fundraiser whizzes by,  and call (1-800-677-9672)e-pledge . Do whatever you can.

Yes, I was a cheerleader in a former life. And yes, I feel so lucky to work for WMRA so I still have something to cheer for!

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