Monday, September 27, 2010

Calling all short, short story entrants and Civic Soapboxers . . .

Since writing is inherently solitary, should we all try to get together sometime?

Here's why I'm asking this right now. . .

Frankly, those of us who work at the station were overwhelmed by the number of entries into the Scott Simon-judged short, short story contest.

As the contest organizer and manuscript handler, I happily spent this last weekend reading through the scores of submissions. I say "happily," because they were universally readable and well-written. It reinforced a belief I've long held from editing the Civic Soapbox: Writers in WMRA Land are legion.

This led to an idea. Before I broach it, however, I need to give you a little background.

Personal confession: I love to lunch. And dine, as well.

Why? Well, there's food involved; but, more importantly, I have my best and most interesting conversations over shared meals. There's something about breaking bread with other people that turns chit-chat into real conversation.

 I've had the pleasure of lunching with a lot of  you who write -- both for pleasure and for paychecks. And I've  never talked with a WMRA writer without wishing I could introduce her, or him, to the other writers in the WMRA Community.

So, here's my idea! I want to convene a WMRA writers' meal -- at a time and place most convenient to most of you. If we can't find a central place to convene, perhaps we could hold more than one.

But, first I need to know whether or not you, if you write--fiction, or non-fiction, for the Civic Soapbox or for Scott Simon, for a living or for your own amusement--would you enjoy getting together somewhere (probably after work for an early dinner) with me and other writers to eat and talk.

You can let me know if this interests you by posting a comment on this blog or on Facebook. Also, please send this blog around to anyone you think might be interested who might not see it otherwise.

I'm convinced we'd have a high old time. And, a great deal to say to each other.

Your thoughts?


  1. I'll say, on behalf of my Shen Valley Inkslingers posse (at least 3 of whom submitted) that we're always up for talking, writing, and talking about writing! :)

  2. I think its a capital IDEA. Count me in !

  3. I think that is a great idea! Let's leave for Venice today!

    I write for myself, mostly fiction. I would never represent anyone I know or work with in my stories... sure.
    work the 8-5:30 grind, and some exercise after that, so an evening meal would be ok.

  4. let's go for it!

  5. Potentially, pending resolution of anticipated logistical nuisances!