Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Post from your Friendly Facebook WMRA Fan Wrangler . . .

This is a frank plea for input. And it starts with an announcement of almost no importance: I have a different title at WMRA. Instead of reporter/producer, I am now WMRA's social media producer.

What this means is that, while I still edit Civic Soapbox, I also now run the WMRA blog, as well as manage the WMRA Facebook fan page. And that is the e-place where I dream of all of us who listen to WMRA having lots of lively discussions about things that matter; some of which I bring up, some of which you bring up.

I really, really, really dislike the term "fan" as a descriptive of those who join our Facebook page. It's a perfectly appropriate term for one who joins a rock star's or an actor's Facebook page, but much less perfect, I think, for someone who listens to and supports and interacts with WMRA. But, we gotta go with calling ourselves "fans," because it's the only term on offer.

For what it's worth: I've become a WMRA fan, and, you know, I feel perfectly okay with it, because I do love the little public radio station for which I work. Please become a fan, yourself, if you haven't already, so the rest of us fans can interact with you.

So what is the input I'm asking for from you . . .
  • Please let me know (either on the WMRA Facebook page, through an e-mail to me, or by commenting at the end of this blog post, what you'd most like to see on our Facebook page: 
    • notice of what's coming up on NPR and WMRA?
    • information about local events, forums, and just general happenings?
    • discussion forums about important issues (such as today's first Facebook post)?
    • all of the above, or something I've not mentioned?
  • How often would you like to hear from us on Facebook? There's so much to talk about around WMRA Land, but we don't want to be an intrusive presence in your Facebook life. 
  • (perhaps most importantly) Would you be willing to post about interesting/thought-provoking/fun events you either plan to attend or have attended, that you think the rest of us would be interested in knowing about?
  • In what other ways could WMRA's Facebook page be useful, informative, and/or just plain fun for you?
In my opinion, as the now official WMRA Fan Wrangler, this isn't WMRA's Facebook page, it's the WMRA Community's Facebook page.  .


  1. I think I favor bullet points 2 and 3, since I have ways to find out about NPR's and WMRA's broadcast schedule.

    I'm confused about how a FB page works. Although I've become a fan of a number groups/organizations/people on FB, I have done so without ever really tuning in again. In order for me to take advantage of WMRA's FB page, I would need to receive e-mails alerting me to updates -- I don't know if my settings permit this, or whether I'd want to change my setting to allow more than direct messages, because then I might get too inundated by stuff other than WMRA notices . . . .

  2. Hey Eva: If you visit your Facebook page, our posts will be there in your news. You can also simply visit our page. I think the thing to do is check it out, see if what you find seems useful, and, if so, then keep on checking it out . . .