Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hot tip for chocolate-loving penny-pinchers . . .

Okay, so Saturday is the day WMRA airs "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" Which I always think of as the one hour of the week I can laugh at the news I take so seriously the rest of the time. I even look forward to the show's promos, which come to WMRA on Thursdays, because I find them delightfully irreverent; at their best, 30 seconds of radio that make me gasp and laugh at the same time.

So this Saturday, in this blog, I'm going to honor the spirit of WWDTM and not be at all serious. At least about the news. I guess if you are a chocolate lover who's on the road a lot (both of which describes me) then the subject of this blog post is about as serious as it gets.

Last night at the Wayne Theatre Alliance's Murder Night dinner (see yesterday's post, if you're curious), I sat between John and Theresa Curry. This, as always, was a great pleasure. John is a retired judge who's now with the Virginia Mediation Network. Theresa is a beautiful writer--and I do mean beautiful--who often chooses food as her subject. If Theresa Curry starts talking about anything to do with what one eats, I take notes.

When dinner was served, Theresa didn't eat much.

Well, as Chaucer puts it so well in "The Nun's Priest's Tale": Mordre wol out that se we day by day. Although not quite up there in the sin list with murder, Ms. Curry confessed she wasn't eating her healthy dinner because she'd indulged in three chocolate chip cookies that afternoon.

NEWSFLASH!!! WWDTM style! Ms. Elegant Food Writer's chocolate chip cookie indulgence had been at McDonald's. Three-for-a-dollar, she said, quite gleefully. And they're good! I mean really good.

Have a lovely weekend, WMRAers.  If you're out and about and just have to have chocolate, I hope you now have another supply source. We serious reporters are all about discovering sources.

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