Saturday, April 10, 2010

Civic Soapbox feedback . . .

NOTE (from Martha): Yesterday's Civic Soapbox was Val Matthews' gentle lament about changes to the U.S. Postal Service. It brought the following response which I thought you might enjoy as much as I did.

I was listening to Val Matthews postal lament on your station yesterday. As a postal employee with over 35 years of service, I too share her wistfulness concerning the decline in personal letters people send and receive. When I began my carrier as a city letter carrier, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job was the reactions of my patrons when I would hand them a personal letter someone had written to them. It was a much more common occurrence back then. The smiles and comments I would get from my customers when getting a personal letter always made my day.

Last year I began a program here in Stuarts Draft called "A Letter is Better!" The idea behind the program is to supply students in grades K-8 a stamped envelope so that they can write and send a hand written letter, in a class room setting, to a friend or family member. Over 500 students have received a stamped envelope and the results have been wonderful. The comments from the students and teachers who have participated in "A Letter is Better!", as well as the parents or grandparents who received a letter, have been very positive! After all, who doesn't enjoy receiving a personal letter in their mailbox?

If your station has any contact with Ms. Matthews, would you please thank her, for me, concerning her kind words about the Postal Service.

Thank You so Much.

Kevin Blackford
Stuarts Draft VA 24477-9998


  1. I LOVE this post. I, too, am lamenting the death of the written letter. Although the new social media are exciting, efficient and boundless in their possibilities, the one thing they lack is that thoughtful devotion to word-by-word communication that only comes through letters. I am happy to say that I still have one loyal pen pal, a friend from college. She and I have corresponded for 31 years. Periodically, we swap our letters, giving each of us a rich history of our own families.

  2. hahaha very interesting, some people would call this fate or destiny whatever, what is destiny actually ?